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Refer friends & earn bounty

Companies reward successful referrals to their jobs on BountyHiring

How it works

Pick a job
Browse our jobs and find one to which you can refer someone. Pro-tip: pick jobs from your own trade. If you're a developer, look for developer jobs.

Refer your talented friend/colleague
Fill in their contact details, your testimonial and attach their resumé

Get paid if they get hired
If the company hires based on your referral and the candidate joins them, we'll pay you the bounty.

Why it works

For Companies

Save on cost of hiring
People only vouch for great colleagues. Less noise and lower costs.

Diverse by design
Internal referral programmes are optimised to bring in more "people like us" leading to a monolithic culture. BountyHiring uncovers the world's best talent across diverse backgrounds.

Exposes the true upside of talent
The talent who push the boundaries of innovation are extremely hard to find unless someone tells you about them. One of the surprising reasons for that is they don't know this themselves. BountyHiring exposes you to this positive luck.

For Talent

Spend time on your greatest work
Stop hustling to get noticed.
Imagine an assistant who finds you the best jobs on the market 24/7? That's BountyHiring. We believe talent should never have to worry about jobs.

There IS a market for what you do
Recall the last time someone shot you down with "there's no market for that"? We can't make huge promises but we designed BountyHiring for companies to find people with unique stories.

Share your knowledge and get rewarded
Are you good at mentoring others? We reward you with a higher referral quota which gives you upto 5x higher chance of getting paid.


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